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Google to launch Nexus 7 variant for only $99 before the year end

Google is supposedly readying a version of their Nexus 7 tablet for only $99.

This is coupled with news of another Nexus 7 model which is expected to retail for the Nexus 7′s current price of $199.

Both versions will supposedly be thinner than the current model, and feature TN panel display technology made by HannStar Display.

Incidentally, HannStar has reportedly become part of Apple’s supply chain for the iPad, though the Taiwanese-based panel...

We benchmark the Sony Xperia Tablet S extensively, here are the results

The Sony Xperia Tablet S packs a Tegra 3 chipset, making it more powerful than the original Tablet S. But how does it stack up against other tablets on the market right now? Things should be pretty close, considering the popularity of NVIDIA’s chipset.

We ran practically every benchmark we could think of, testing the CPU (four Cortex-A9 cores at 1.3GHz in the Tablet S), the GPU (an ULP GeForce) and the web browser (stock browser on Android ICS and Chrome).


Bad Piggies now available on iOS, Android and Mac OS X

Rovio’s next anticipated title – Bad Piggies – is now available for download. The first platforms to get it are iOS, Android and Mac OS X.

The gameplay of Bad Piggies is closer to Amazing Alex puzzle game, rather than the Angry Birds platformer.

Bad Piggies (SD, HD) is free on Android, costs $0.99 (SD) and $2.99 (HD) on iOS, while the Mac version will set you back $5. Rovio is preparing Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 versions as well, but the pricing and the...

Google updates Chrome for desktop and Android

Google has released updates for Chrome across the board with a new version for Windows, OS X and Android respectively. On the desktop, Chrome, now updated to v22, gains the Mouse Lock API, which lets you play games inside the browser window without having to worry about the mouse pointer escaping the window or bumping into the sides. Basically the pointer will be locked to the window of the browser. You can try it out with this ...

Sony Xperia Tablet S visits our office, shows its fold-over design and customized Android to our camera

The Sony Xperia Tablet S left its Sony HQ home to spend some time with us. It carries over some design elements from its predecessor, like the 9.4″ WXGA screen and fold-over design, but it adds goodies like a quad-core processor (moving from Tegra 2 to 3), thinner aluminum frame and IPX-4 certification (splash proof).

The Xperia Tablet S is 8.8mm thick along its back, with a thicker “fold” on...

Play Store reaches 25 billion downloads, Google starts celebrations with app promotions

Android has reached yet another impressive milestone, as the Google Play Store just passed 25 billion downloaded apps. And to allow you to join in on the celebrations, Google is offering some very tempting app promotions for the next five days.

That’s right, every day for the next five days, Google will sell high quality apps from top developers such as Gameloft, Electronic Arts, Rovio, runtastic, Full Fat and more for just 25 cents.

However, the discount fiesta...

Motorola DROID RAZR M gets gutted, shows everyone how easy it is

The recently released Motorola DROID RAZR M has been torn down and it has been confirmed that the smartphone is very easy to take apart.

We all know the phone looks the part thanks to its svelte design and nifty Kevlar back panel, but how good is the build quality underneath? Join us after the break for the full disassembly video.

Looks like the entire process can be completed with just a Torx screw and a case opener tool, which is great news if you ever need to...

Google launches its Indoors Maps service in France, rest of Europe watches enviously

After its Play Movies service, Google is launching its Indoors Maps service in France.

The addition is now available for the Android version of Google Maps and offers indoors maps for airports, museums and malls in France.

There’s a lot of useful information available such as escalators, ATMs and restrooms. For now, the coverage varies greatly, but some places are already covered in great detail. For example, maps for Carrefour...

The hard-reset Galaxy S III exploit is already fixed, says Samsung

Yesterday we told you about a nasty USSD hack that can hard reset the Galaxy S III. The code could be entered via the dial pad, the stock browser or accepted via an NFC tag, which made it quite dangerous.

According to Samsung the vulnerability has been already eliminated on the Galaxy S III via an earlier OTA update.

Samsung response went as follows:

“We would like to assure our customers that the recent security issue concerning...

iOS users more likely to use 3rd party browsers than Android users

The browser war on the desktop is very heated, but in the mobile space things are pretty calm – the overwhelming majority of Android and iOS users use the default browser on their device.

Here’s something you might not have expected though – Chitika, an ad network and data analytics firm, found out that iOS users are more likely to install and use a 3rd party browser than Android users.

A hair over 91% of Android users stick with the Android stock...