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Firefox for Android adds support for ARMv6 based devices

Firefox for Android has so far been exclusive to device running on ARMv7 processors but this limited it to mostly recent, high-end device. However, with the latest update, Mozilla has expanded the number of devices that can now support Firefox.

Firefox for Android can now be installed on devices with ARMv6 processors, which includes phones such as HTC Status, HTC ChaCha, Samsung Galaxy Ace, Motorola Fire XT and LG Optimus Q. Considering almost half of the 500 million Android...

Browsing with Chrome now gets you longer battery life

The latest stable release of the popular Chrome for Windows browser from Google now has full GPU acceleration enabled for video decoding.

Dedicated graphics chips draw considerably less power than CPUs when watching videos, which means that your laptop will last that much longer.

In Google’s own tests, with GPU video acceleration enabled the battery lasted 25% longer when watching 1080p videos on YouTube.

Another update brought by this release is a quicker...

Firefox Metro for Windows 8 breaks cover, old-school Desktop version here to stay

The launch of Windows 8 is fast approaching and Mozilla has been working hard on releasing the Metro version of Firefox.

Currently available for download in a preview release form, Firefox Metro, as Mozilla is calling it, packs the essential features of its desktop counterpart.

There are Windows 8-specific features as well, such as full support for touch and swipe gestures, on which Windows 8 bets big. Firefox Metro supports file sharing between Metro apps, and can even...

Nokia releases Xpress for Lumia browser, compresses data by up to 90 percent

Nokia has released the beta version of a new browser called Xpress for Lumia that is based on the same principle as the browser on their Asha phones, which itself was based on the Opera Mini.

The Nokia Xpress for Lumia browser is designed exclusively for Nokia Lumia phones and claims to compress data by up to 90 percent, saving your data, time and money.

Some of the other important features of this browser include:

Detailed report on the amount of data that you...

Opera releases developer-focused Opera 12.10 beta

The latest beta build of Opera’s browser is now available for download.

Version 12.10 brings a improved API support, SPDY support, touch optimization for the upcoming Windows 8 and Retina, Notification Center and sharing to social networks in Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

SPDY is a network standard, which coupled with the HTTP protocol will help load pages faster. Chrome has had support for SPDY since last year, while Firefox is using it since June.

The Opera...

Google updates Chrome for desktop and Android

Google has released updates for Chrome across the board with a new version for Windows, OS X and Android respectively. On the desktop, Chrome, now updated to v22, gains the Mouse Lock API, which lets you play games inside the browser window without having to worry about the mouse pointer escaping the window or bumping into the sides. Basically the pointer will be locked to the window of the browser. You can try it out with this ...

iOS users more likely to use 3rd party browsers than Android users

The browser war on the desktop is very heated, but in the mobile space things are pretty calm – the overwhelming majority of Android and iOS users use the default browser on their device.

Here’s something you might not have expected though – Chitika, an ad network and data analytics firm, found out that iOS users are more likely to install and use a 3rd party browser than Android users.

A hair over 91% of Android users stick with the Android stock...

Firefox 15 for desktop and Android released

Mozilla has released yet another update for the Firefox browser for the desktop as well as for Android. The major change in the desktop browser is that it now supports silent, background updates, which means just like Chrome, Firefox will now download the latest updates in the background and install them without any user intervention.

The Android version, on the other hand, brings an optimized UI for tablets. Other features include faster startup time, redesigned Awesome Bar,...

Chrome for iOS gets updated, adds sharing options

Google has released an update to the Chrome browser for iOS, which brings it to version 21.0.1180.77. The major change in this update is the inclusion of sharing option. Now you can tap the Share button in the drop down menu on the top right and it will give you options to share the page on Google+, email, Facebook and Twitter.

For email and Twitter the app pops up the built-in editing box and for Google+ and Facebook it launches the respective applications, if they are...

Dolphin Browser for Android undergoes an update, shakes off the HD part of its name

Dolphin Browser HD, as it was formerly known, is now called just Dolphin Browser.

Responsible for the change is the new update 8.7 of the app, which doesn’t only alter the popular Android web browser’s name, but brings quite a few new features to the table.

After the update, Dolphin Browser now offers an easier way to manage and delete bookmarks. Also, you can now access Dolphin Sonar right from the homescreen via a shortcut.

Furthermore, there are...