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Lumia 920 goes against keys, a particularly long knife and a mallet

There are drop tests and then there are ‘throw everything you have in your house at it’ tests and today we are going to take a look at one of the latter.

The test involves keys, knives and mallets and looks like it was devised by Adolf Hitler himself when he was not planning on taking over the world or trimming his mustache. And at the receiving end of these objects is the new Nokia Lumia 920.

The test involves rubbing keys in a very intimate manner,...

Nokia Lumia 820 drops by the office, shoots a Cinemapraph

The Nokia Lumia 820 stopped by for a quick visit and the first thing we did was put it in front of our camera. The phone is the second Windows Phone 8 handset from Nokia and it differs from the 920 flagship in several areas.

While it misses out on the PureView and PureMotion action, the Lumia 820 actually has several advantages over the Lumia 920.

Nokia Lumia 820

The removable back cover –...

Here are some interesting things you may have missed about the Lumia 920

Nokia’s official blog Conversations has posted an article detailing 10 things you might have missed about the Lumia 920.

Did you know that the camera decoration and side buttons are made out of zirconium? Or that the LED flash on the back is a higher-powered dual one? Hop after the break for more.

Unlike the rest of the Windows Phone smartphones (even those Beats flaunting ones) the Lumia 920 features...

Windows Phone 7.8 to roll out in Q1 of 2013

Windows Phone 8 devices are already out there battling the droid gang for a piece of the smartphone market. But some of the early Windows Phone adopters don’t plan to abandon their WP7 devices just yet.

That’s why Microsoft promised to bring a few of the WP8 features to legacy hardware with the upcoming WP7.8 update. There is still no official information on the release date, but Microsoft Brazil might have spilled the beans on this one.

According to the official...

Nokia Lumia 920 for AT&T dropped by wearing a shiny yellow outfit, here is the hands-on

For the second time this year, we have an AT&T branded Nokia flagship on our hands. The screaming yellow colored, LTE packing Nokia Lumia 920 is the Finnish company’s latest and greatest creation, booting Microsoft Windows Phone 8. The handset is of vital importance for both Nokia and Microsoft – both companies are betting hugely on its commercial success.

Unlike the Windows Phone devices of...

Microsoft outs a Meet the new WP promo video, brings back memories

Microsoft released its “Meet the new Windows Phone: Reinvented Around You” and it gives me a familiar vibe, I’ve watched something like it before.

Almost exactly a year ago Google aired its “Calling All” ad, a Galaxy Nexus-centric promo, which highlighted some of the features of Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Well, whether you’re a pass-it-alonger or page-turner you can spot the similarities for yourself.


Microsoft releases Skype Preview for Windows Phone 8

It’s been one and a half year since Microsoft acquired Skype and we are finally starting to see the fruits of the acquisition. After releasing the new Skype client for Windows 8, Microsoft has released a new Skype Preview for Windows Phone 8 devices.

This new version brings some much needed features over the Windows Phone 7 version. The biggest feature is that Skype can now run in the background and always stay on, just like the new Windows 8 app. This allows you to get...

‘Angry Birds Star Wars’ for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 game review

What do you get when you combine two franchises that have been done to death? Why the Angry Birds Star Wars, of course.

Angry Birds Star Wars is, as Rovio likes to call it, Angry Birds’ biggest adventure yet. The game is based on the story of the Star Wars franchise and has birds dressed as the characters from the Rebel Alliance whereas the pigs are dressed as the Galactic Empire. After that it’s your usual bird flinging action but with some new abilities. But...

HTC Windows Phone 8X battery life test concludes, results are inside

Microsoft’s latest mobile OS is getting ready for prime time and the ailing HTC is marketing its Windows Phone 8X as the “signature” Windows Phone 8 handset. We already reviewed the 8X, now it’s time to see how long it lasts in our battery test.

The HTC 8X has an 1800mAh Li-Ion battery and a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8960 chipset – virtually the same specs as AT&T’s...

Mission Highly Possible: Notification center in Windows Phone 8

Android was first to introduce pull-down notifications, to be later adopted by iOS too, and now Windows Phone is about to follow suit.

Windows Phone 8 now has USB mass storage mode under its belt, along with DirectX graphics support, among other new services and integrations, but it seems a notification center is to land soon too via an upcoming update.

At the BUILD conference yesterday, Microsoft’s program manager Thomas Fennel said:

“Because we ran out...