The Huawei P20 black vs The Doro PhoneEasy 632 black

Compare the Huawei P20 black

The Huawei P20 is designed to give you the best experience from your smartphone from the beautiful frame designed for the advanced camera with artificial intelligence.

The 5.8-inch display offers rich colors and superb clarity when playing games and the powerful processor, 4 gb of RAM provide all the courage you need.

The rear camera has some of the 12 megapixel that captures incredible detail, and THE chip to adjust the settings to make sure that the theme is captured perfectly.

Android 8.1 is the board of directors and the 128GB of memory that can be expanded with a microSD card.

The selfie camera incredible 24 megapixel with portrait lighting that will perfectly illuminate your shot.

The Huawei P20 black full details & deals

Compare the Doro PhoneEasy 632 black

On the Doro PhoneEasy 632 is designed for simplicity and offers many security features, which make it ideal for the elderly or vulnerable, users who want the peace.

Phone the rumor compatible aid and has a sound that is loud and clear, and a visual indicator to see when the phone rings.

There is a help button that can be configured with the phone number of your choice, so that when the clicks on the call and the text message to let someone know that you need help.

There are a lot of useful features and practical flashlight and e-mail for communication with your messages, and GPS, 3G and camera 2 megapixel camera on board.

The Doro PhoneEasy 632 black full details & deals

Compare the Huawei P20 black

  • Launched: 31/03/2018
  • Weight: 165 grammes
  • Height: 71mm
  • Width: 149mm
  • Depth: 8mm
  • Internal Memory: 128MB
  • Screen Size: 5.8 inches
  • Screen Resolution: 1080px by 2244px
  • Camera: 12.00 megapixel

The Huawei P20 black full details & deals