The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus gold vs The HTC 10 silver sim free deals

Compare the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus gold

The Samsung S9 for great in all respect, starting with the impressive 6.2-inch screen icons].

Nature always gives you important information at first glance, eye to phone fingerprint scanner and the sensor, and includes the retina.

In C9 there is a camera, camera settings the following are two 12-mp two mp lens.

This means that the awe-inspiring beauty, in yourself and in the world you can create effects to capture part of the picture.

In C9+ includes an 8-inch-camera and a memory card slot to add more memory.

in these cases.

Provides smooth multitasking for the operating system 8.1 on a powerful processor.

Impressive and can continue the phone with ip68 approved to Samsung and#39 the you changes and supplements as health.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus gold full details & deals

Compare the HTC 10 silver

"HTC thanks to the excellent quality at a high level-up to 10, installed in accordance with design experience and strong technology is a part of.

Smooth metal to build yourself a strong and steady hands stunning 5.2-inch Quad-HD Touch Screen makes all the living." "Sense UI 6.0 Android OS works with performance when launching the app microscribe performances, strong, all the problems together.

Fantastic camera package, optical image stabilization, and a let will be equipped with a rear camera that Irek Faizullin.

The rear 12-megapixel camera ultrapixel to capture more light and beautiful images in fantastic detail, and is designed for a quick start, so you don't lose a precious moment.

5 Mega pixel camera that captures the light, the more carefully, the social network that you can share selfies incredible there is around you.

The phone has 4G when ever useful, DLNA and GPS, a slot for memory cards microSD, supports cards of 1TB, so you can get a lot of space to store music, videos, photos and much more.

The HTC 10 silver full details & deals

Compare the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus gold

  • Launched: 01/03/2018
  • Weight: 1 grammes
  • Height: 74mm
  • Width: 158mm
  • Depth: 9mm
  • Internal Memory: 128MB
  • Screen Size: 6.2 inches
  • Screen Resolution: 1440px by 2690px
  • Camera: 12.00 megapixel

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus gold full details & deals

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus gold and HTC 10 silver sim free deals

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