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Glossary definition of 2.5G

Glossary definition of 2.5G

Also known as: Second Generation Enhanced

2.5G (Second Generation Enhanced) is a generic term used to refer to a standard of wireless mobile telephone networks that lies somewhere between 2G and 3G. The development of 2.5G has been viewed as a stepping-stone towards 3G, which was prompted by the demand for better data services and access to the Internet. In the evolution of mobile communications, each generation provides a higher data rate and additional capabilities, and 2.5G is no exception as it is provides faster services than 2G, but not as fast or as advanced as the newer 3G systems.

Some observers have seen 2.5G as an alternative route to 3G, but this appears to be short-sighted as 2.5G is several times slower than the full 3G service. In technical terms 2.5G extends the capabilities of 2G systems by providing additional features, such as a packet-switched connection (GPRS) in the TDMA-based GSM system, and enhanced data rates (HSCSD and EDGE).

These enhancements in 2.5G systems permit data speeds of 64-144 kbps, which enables these phones to feature web browsing, the use of navigation and navigational maps, voice mail, fax, and the sending and receiving of large email messages.