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Glossary definition of Alphanumeric

Glossary definition of Alphanumeric

Alphanumeric is a term referring to information that contains a combination of alphabetic letters or words (alphas) and numbers (numerics). Punctuation and other symbols are also usually interpreted to be included in the term alphanumeric. Alphanumeric displays are those that can show at least all of the letters of the alphabet and the numbers 0 to 9.

Alphanumeric Directory

Alphanumeric Directory refers to the part of a phone that stores the user's list of names and phone numbers, so that they may be easily retrieved.

Alphanumeric Display

Alphanumeric Display is the display output device on a phone, typically an LCD screen, which has the ability to display both text and numbers.

Alphanumeric Memory Dial

Alphanumeric Memory Dial is a special type of dial-from-memory option on mobile phone handsets, which enables the name of an individual and their phone number to both be displayed for dialling purposes. This feature is now an accepted standard on modern mobile phones. Alternatively, the name can also be recalled by typing the letters on the phone keypad. By contrast, the standard memory dial feature will recall just the numbers from a number-only location.

Alphanumeric Messaging

Alphanumeric Messaging is the capability of a phone to send and receive messages (e.g. SMS messages) that contain both text and numbers.

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