Glossary definition of Cell Phone

Also known as: Cellular Phone

Cellularphone is a device used by a subscriber for wireless communication with a cellular mobile telephone network. The subscriber will usually be able to communicate with other cellphones within the same or different mobile networks, and is also able to connect with phones in the traditional wired telephone network. Many cellular phones also have connection ports to enable them to interface with other equipment, for example to link up to a computer, which makes it possible to download files such as text, games or multimedia.

Modern cellphones come in variety of sizes and styles, but they are all lightweight and small. The traditional functions of microphone, speaker and keypad are built into the handset, and in addition a large display screen is now common for providing visual indications of the phone's operations, as well as for receiving text and picture messages. A range of accessories is also available for most phones to enhance their uses in a number of ways, for example as hands-free or car phones. The latest generation of cellular phones (3G) take their use far beyond the original purpose of being voice communicators, and into the role of complex data handlers, capable of providing Internet access and a range of multimedia services.

The words '?cellular' or 'cell' refers to the infrastructure of the mobile telephone network, an organisation that is sub-divided into many small areas, each of which is served by a Base Transceiver Station. As the subscriber moves from one cell to another a process called handover takes place, which ensures the phone remains connected to the network.