Glossary definition of D AMPS

Also known as: Digital Advanced Mobile Phone Service, DAMPS

Digital Advanced Mobile Phone Service (DAMPS or D-AMPS) is a second generation, digital version of the AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone Service) cellular telephone system. DAMPS was developed in the USA, and was an update to increase call capacity and quality.

DAMPS uses the 800 and 900 MHz frequency bands-as does AMPS-but each 30 kHz channel (created by Frequency Division Multiple Access, FDMA) is further subdivided into 3 using Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA), which triples the channels available and the number of calls.

DAMPS, GSM and PDC are three digital wireless technologies which each use different, non-compatible versions of TDMA. Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) is an alternative technology to TDMA.