Glossary definition of Enhanced Messaging Service

Also known as: EMS

EMS (Enhanced Messaging Service) is an improved message system for GSM mobile phones, which was developed by 3GPP from the basic SMS text messaging of the 2G networks.

With an EMS enabled mobile phone you can send and receive simple pictures, sounds and animations along with formatted texts. The message may contain just one or all of these picture, sound, animation or text elements, and if messages exceed the length of a single SMS then they will be made up of a number of concatenated SMS messages. The EMS system enables you to send and receive wallpapers, screensavers and ringtones.

From the user's viewpoint an EMS can have more impact, providing scope for those personal touches that an appropriate tune or picture can add to the meaning of a message. However, both the sending and receiving phones must have EMS capability to take advantage of this form of messaging; otherwise the received message will be displayed as a 'plain' SMS text.