Glossary definition of Geotagging

Geotagging (or Geocoding) is the proces to couple geografical information to different kinds of media, as like images.

The information itself contains GPS information like the degree of latitude and the degree of longitude. This information can be used by the user to see where the image was taken. Some websites, like, use this geotag information to show on a map where images have been taken. In the future it will be possible to search with a search engine to images that have been made from certain locations. A diversity of producers of mobile phones already place the geotagging function on the newests camera phones. Nokia has even designed a special Symbian application that automatically places your images with a geotag, named Nokia Location Tagger. The application will be a standard function in the future on Nokia mobile phones with a GPS receiver. Nokia isn't the only producer that designs this kind of applications. Garmin also introduced a mobile phone on where images could be given a geotag; the Ne.

Phones tagged with Geotagging