Glossary definition of Hands free

Also known as: Handsfree

Handsfree (ot hands-free) is the term used to describe the method of operating a device, such as a mobile phone, PDA or notebook (that is normally handheld), without holding or touching the handset. Some of these devices are fitted with a small speakerphone, which amplifies the voice of the caller and so makes it possible to conduct a conversation on the phone without holding it to the user's ear.

Many accessories are available, such as headsets and car kits, which enable the subscriber to operate a mobile phone or similar communication devices without using their hands. Handsfree operation is considered to be an essential safety requirement for some situations (e.g. during car journeys) and is the subject of increasingly severe legislation. Most recent mobile phones now have a hands-free facility fitted as standard, or available as an optional extra.

Hands-free control is made easier in those mobile phones that are designed for operation by voice commands, which enables voice dialling and other menu selections to be made by the use of the voice alone.

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