Glossary definition of Mobile Digital Thin Film Diode

Also known as: MD-TFD

MD-TFD (Mobile Digital Thin Film Diode) is an adaptation of TFD display technology customised for mobile devices. Epson introduced MD-TFDin 1999 and specifically targets data services offering simple games and Java based animation and graphics, as well as e-mail, weather, and more mundane services. It cuts down on TFT and improves on conventional TFD by being thinner (therefore lighter) and consuming less power.

MD-TFD removes the need for a complex digital-to-analogue converter, and cuts down on many power regulation components. It also incorporates power saving functions in the form of dedicated standby and active that can increase battery life by an order of magnitude (Epsons documentation suggests a boost from 8.3 to 100 hours in a mobile phone). Advanced colour modulation techniques are also employed to produce 262,144 tones from only 4,096 colours and greys, which helps reduce complexity, and therefore reduce power consumption.