Glossary definition of Series 60

Series 60 is a style defined by Nokia s handset reference designs, and is commonly licensed for smartphones running the Symbian OS from Psion. Series 60 takes an evolutionary step from previous GUIs by introducing a larger display, PDA-style multitasking applications, a scroll and click joystick for easier and more powerful internet browsing and aricher graphical look and feel throughout the user interface.

Core upgrades in Series 60 include large, high-colour-depth and high-resolution screens reaching VGA and beyond, and an advanced physical user interface including special related function buttons. The Series 60 functionality and usability is a lot closer to the PC than earlier phones whilst keeping frequently used functions easy to access and logically structured.

Series 60 represents a milestone in the evolution of handset and interface design that is needed in order to take advantage of the rich media options now available with the advent of 3G networks and MMS messaging.