Glossary definition of Smiley

Also known as: emote, emoticon

A smiley-or emoticon-is a set of symbols and letters that look like a human face turned on its side when put next to each other. The most basic smiley is a pair of eyes and a smiling mouth, made by a colon and a bracket :) and all other emoticons are variations on this simple theme.

There are hundreds of different combinations of synbols and letters in the universal language of smileys and emoticons; heres a small sample to get you started!

:) smiley

:(sad smiley

:> cheeky smiley

: serious smiley

: / concerned smily

:D very happy smiley

;) winking smiley

8) smiley wearing sunglasses

:-) smiley with a nose

:,,(crying smiley

:x silent smiley

:* kissing smiley

:o shocked smiley

:) monobrow smiley

>:) evil plan smiley

<:(worried smiley

< :) smiley wearing a hat

(: upside-down smiley

:P smiley sticking his tongue out

:] shrek smiley

:P~~ drooling smiley