Glossary definition of Video Graphics Array

Also known as: VGA, Video Graphics Adapter

VGA (Video Graphics Array) is a display standard that specifies a set of resolutions and colour depths. VGA is most often used to describe one of these-640 x 480 pixels with 16 colours-although other options of 720 x 400 in monochrome and 320 x 200 in 256 colours are also specified by the VGA standard.

Whilst the VGA specification was so complete as to dictate that screen space should be internally divided up into chunks of 64 kB and that display information was sent over a specific cable connection, the term has since been used to broadly describe a screen resolution.

Although originally a CRT display standard, some manufacturers also use it to describe the resolution and colour depth of LCD screens or their digital camera capabilities. Higher resolution versions of VGA include SVGA and XGA.