Glossary definition of Voice Messaging

Also known as: Voice Mail

Voice Mail (also Voice Messaging) is a computerised answering service provided by the mobile phone networks, which can automatically answer a call-and record callers' voice messages-when the subscriber fails to answer them personally. Several options are usually available, and you can decide to divert your callers to voicemail as different situations arise. For example, it is possible to forward your calls to voicemail while you are busy talking with another caller, when your phone is switched off, or when you move outside your network's coverage area.

When voicemail is activated the caller will hear a pre-recorded message (in the subscriber's own voice if that is an option), and they will be given the opportunity to record a message for you. The voicemail messages are then stored in the subscriber's Voice Mailbox by the network operator, until the subscriber is able to retrieve them.

Retrieval might simply mean listening to the messages in the Voice Mailbox, or it could involve a process of downloading them to your phone. After you have retrieved your messages you can then decide whether you wish to reply, save, delete, or forward the voice messages to someone else on your voicemail system.