The Apple iPhone 8 Plus 64GB gold

The Apple iPhone 8 Plus 64GB gold

8 plus the most robust smartphone, apple iphone front and puts the glass back has a modern design.

Compare and design aluminum frame, water and dust the sandwich.

5.5-inch retina show live on the tone and deep, gives you a broad colour palette.

IPhone 8 plus from the sun in a sense automatically set the white balance for the best results on the examination.

Apple iphone plus 8 reality (ar) applications and enhanced support of the games.

Two new high-end chip.

Chip, from the first six key A11 three gpu cores.

12MP camera dual camera wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens with optical magnification and (background, blu) a bokeh effect.

The camera software also the results and get the description and background on this subject take the picture, you can add.

8 also plus apple iphone fingerprint sensor, support wireless charging, siri and camera 7mp video main update 11.

  • Launched: 22/09/2017
  • Weight: 202 grammes
  • Height: 158mm
  • Width: 78mm
  • Depth: 8mm
  • Internal Memory: 64GB
  • Talk Time: 14 hours
  • Stand by Time: 240 hours
  • Screen Size: 5.5 inches
  • Screen Resolution: 1920px by 1080px
  • Camera: 12MP