The Apple iPhone SE 32GB silver

The Apple iPhone SE 32GB silver

The CD "Directorate of the IPhone 4-inch phone screen right health care strong microscribe A9 new level" is amazing and the design of the iPhone 6s will turn heads.

Aluminum frame with a mat and satin-finish work on the edges that they are not prepared, it complements the beautiful 4-inch Retina display is very good.

Strong performance of the A9 and the M9 coprocessor microscribe lewer ' n ' impressive performance when running apps and games as much or more sensors on Board, and so you can talk with Siri you can follow Fitness and other needs to pick up.

12-megapixel rear camera of such panels bied ' n ' amazing 4K video is nice, light and restore photos, Pictures that you can bring your favorite audio to move from Sneem country of the world.

Irek Faizullin selfie lovers FaceTime HD camera in the front of the panel that will love that even more easily, and of course for the actual and among Flash-ready images on the retina.

IPhone from Apple store among the new features and get access to firmware 9.3 applications for apps, a huge selection, it is possible to make a sensor with a built-in thumb and safety located in Apple pay to complete the purchase.

The IPhone is the most powerful 4-inch smartphones out there, making it ideal for those who love the compact device", but I want to get rid of the powerful.

  • Launched: 31/03/2016
  • Weight: 113 grammes
  • Height: 123mm
  • Width: 58mm
  • Depth: 8mm
  • Internal Memory: 32GB
  • Talk Time: 14 hours
  • Stand by Time: 240 hours
  • Screen Size: 4 inches
  • Screen Resolution: 640px by 1136px
  • Camera: 12MP