The Alcatel OneTouch 10.35 red (unavailable)

The Alcatel OneTouch 10.35 red (unavailable)

To 10, 35 about the Onetouch is a stylish and compact flip phone design is perfect for your bag or pocket the screen is protected if the phone is closed.

Bright screen and big buttons, this phone can easily be used telephone number to an unsolicited phone call or in an unsolicited e-mail containing the calendar for the application of stored information about an important meeting to attend.

"10.35, MP3 Player, FM Radio, music fun, and Calculator Alarm Clock there.

Waved and warn you when you need to place a notice, call and other notifications, a built-in type of microphone after the presentation, free.

  • Launched: 22/02/2016
  • Camera: 0