The Alcatel OneTouch 10.35 red (unavailable)

The Alcatel OneTouch 10.35 red (unavailable)

Hours Alcatel OneTouch 10.35 flip is a stylish mini-phone-house, which is suitable for placement in a bag or pocket, and the phone, when the screen is closed protected.

The large keys and clear display make this phone very easy to use and easy tariff includes a calendar, text messages and phone records information about important meetings, you can create.

At 10.35, there is a MP3-player and FM-radio, calculator, alarm clock with music on Board, and so is the fun.

The phone has a vibrating alert, non-Intrusive notifications for incoming calls and other notifications as you need, as well as the built-in speaker allows you to communicate for free.

  • Launched: 22/02/2016
  • Camera: 0