The LG G4 brown leather (unavailable)

The LG G4 brown leather (unavailable)

Wonderful design and stunning LG G4 is a true sport HD IPS touch screen", which measures 5.5 inches.

It is surprising that the display of this phone perfectly matches the color and is given for consideration, the internet, or videos.

On-board Android are Pregnant, phone, packages, powerful, hexacore microelect, 3 GB of RAM.

The sequel features high-quality 16-megapixel rear camera for these panels, which include the great result of the two led flash", as well as the HDR, optical stabilization face detection video recording image and decides 2160 you excellent video and stereo sound with a resolution of 8 megapixels Irek Faizullin I in front of the cameras, so you can find pregnant ideal.

All of the packaging options and the best connection LG G4 4G, Wi-Fi networking, GPS, RELEASES, infrared, DLNA, Wi-Fi compatible with the violation of that non-smartphones.

The design and style is a powerful camera phone " of money, you surprisingly easy to see the phone, which can make you multi-task and fast-charging batteries that can be charged including stealing 60% of the battery in just 30 minutes.

  • Launched: 01/06/2015
  • Height: 149mm
  • Width: 75mm
  • Depth: 9mm
  • Internal Memory: 32GB
  • Expandable Memory: 128GB
  • Screen Size: 5.5 inches
  • Screen Resolution: 1440px by 2560px
  • Camera: 16 MP, HDR, video