The LG K8 2017 silver

The LG K8 2017 silver

LG company 2017 К8-this stylish device selgimistega 5-inch screen and shiny casing which is excellent in the hand.

The phone is packed with a lot of great apps thanks to the Android operating system 7.0 and a quad-core processor to ensure smooth working of all applications.

5-megapixel селфи the camera can be powered using gestures, just making a fist, that picture make the and rear 13-megapixel camera is enhanced external visibility characteristics are such wonderful pictures in different lighting conditions.

Is К8-2017-this is a fun and compact phone with 4G Vai-Fai, GPS and NFC connectivity and has a microSD card slot to expand the on board 16 GB of memory.

  • Launched: 01/02/2017
  • Weight: 142 grammes
  • Height: 145mm
  • Width: 72mm
  • Depth: 8mm
  • Internal Memory: 16GB
  • Expandable Memory: 32GB
  • Screen Size: 5 inches
  • Screen Resolution: 720px by 1280px
  • Camera: 13MP