The Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 gold

The Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 gold

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) premium Android-smartphone, built with the use of the material.

Meeting on the metal frame, tempered Gorilla Glass 4 on the front and back, 5.2-inch screen, which is created to protect and ensure resilience to scratching me.For starters 13УИХ it quickly, the camera, the Home key activates the camera, the other smaller, so when you press the toggle keys.

5-megapixel camera for Селфи on the opposite side, and especially include one.

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) - security fingerprint, voice, the Internet gives a higher Capacity battery up to 14 hours of charging.

  • Launched: 01/05/2016
  • Weight: 155 grammes
  • Height: 145mm
  • Width: 71mm
  • Depth: 7mm
  • Internal Memory: 16GB
  • Expandable Memory: 128GB
  • Talk Time: 16 hours
  • Screen Size: 5.2 inches
  • Screen Resolution: 1080px by 1920px
  • Camera: 13MP ,HDR