The Samsung Galaxy S7 gold

The Samsung Galaxy S7 gold

Samsung galaxy S7 is packed with modern technology, including a new "always" displays that show time, date and messages, so you do not#039; t need to wake up phone, save battery.

Super quad hd 5.1 inch touch screen, perfectly curved to fit in the palm of dust sitting on it with parts designed to make water resistant, AMOLED.

Samsung galaxy S7 octacore processor is very very powerful google apps installed before and 4 gb ram running the latest android 5.0, there are a few awesome apps on panel function.The camera features faster built, picture perfect, amazing Pair of eyes like the night shots that I can think of is the awesome-pixel 12-megapixel camera has improved.

A non-wear mode of operation, a new innovative way to get a full view of your environment, get a few drinks together, things like this a good way to size all normal, you go to shoot panorama shots to get one around the clock, looking for.

Great mobile device, so you can enjoy your apps to give more space for action game center, the game added a microsd card place.

The replacement battery should provide a large effective size, build, battery life, 4g, wi-fi, gps, bluetooth, nfc samsung galaxy S7 is packed, all of the things the council can, should, and much more.

  • Launched: 11/03/2016
  • Weight: 152 grammes
  • Height: 142mm
  • Width: 70mm
  • Depth: 8mm
  • Internal Memory: 32GB
  • Expandable Memory: 200GB
  • Screen Size: 5.1 inches
  • Screen Resolution: 1440px by 2560px
  • Camera: 12MP ,face detection, Auto HDR, panorama