The Sony Xperia E1 black (unavailable)

The Sony Xperia E1 black (unavailable)

Proprietary design for sony xperia E1, xperia walkman music experience your favorite songs to listen to this phone number and menus are good.

Engine xloud speaker up to 100 db, and the pumping out music and development of music gives you the+, clear bass, clearaudio clear and loud.

4-inch touch screen and integrated with social networks so you can capture special moments built-in 3 megapixel camera works as a viewfinder, you can share it directly.

3.5 g, wi-fi, bluetooth and gps in your phone and sd card to expand the memory of the board.

Add some information on this phone and this phone work on android 4.3 makes it easier for them to adapt to new software to download so you can play and google play is a dual-core processor working with.

  • Launched: 12/03/2014