The LG V30 cloud silver

The LG V30 cloud silver

V30 " the praise of impressions with the company LG technology, excellent design and excellent camera allows getting photos and videos.

Chateau-style design " you can see, up close, less people than on the front fantastic includes 6-inch OLED-display, luminous good in any world.

These Дремотные advanced smartphones Google is ready, so this set can also use to enjoy movies, games and not an application of virtual reality.

The back room in the amount of glazing impressive lens 16-megapixel and 13-megapixel camera with wide-angle lenses.

This allows you to be taken more than scenery, like a movie effect video, video to create professional-looking video.

Фронталь, camera have a wide angle, there are filters, to get the best results in shooting and beauty.

To recycle and to improve the multitasking the recognition of the person микроэшкәрткечтән a powerful Phone, this phone is good when it is about a security device.

The sensor includes other features of the fingers, possibility of expansion of memory and to improve sound quality excellent sound when playing music.

  • Launched: 31/07/2017
  • Weight: 158 grammes
  • Height: 75mm
  • Width: 152mm
  • Depth: 7mm
  • Internal Memory: 64MB
  • Screen Size: 6 inches
  • Screen Resolution: 2880px by 1440px
  • Camera: 16.00 megapixel