The LG V30 silver

The LG V30 silver

V30 LG contains the impressive technology of the design and the camera that allows you to capture amazing photos and videos pain.

With the Sleek design of the almost like first-less in front of the fantastic, which includes the 6-inch OLED screen, the screen is bright, a pain to use in any light.

This advanced smartphone is Google in a Dream-ready, so you will be able to use a VR headset to enjoy movies, games your virtual reality.

Then, looking at the camera is impressive, the dual-lens camera 16-megapixel and 13-megapixel lens with wide-angle.

This allows more landscape to be captured, and video effect like Video lets you create professional looking videos.

The front facing camera has a wide-angle and shoot to get the best results and the filters are not the way to Health.

The phone has a powerful processor to handle, and, at the same time, and b'msaħħa the recognition of the face, this phone is excellent when it comes to the safety of the device.

Other features include all swaba'sensorju, enhanced sound quality when listening to music audio, memory, and speed of the balls.

  • Launched: 31/07/2017
  • Weight: 158 grammes
  • Height: 75mm
  • Width: 152mm
  • Depth: 7mm
  • Internal Memory: 64MB
  • Screen Size: 6 inches
  • Screen Resolution: 2880px by 1440px
  • Camera: 16.00 megapixel