The Samsung Galaxy Note8 gold

The Samsung Galaxy Note8 gold

Samsung galaxy 8 people impressive, offering technology and sleek style that has a clever innovative consecutive large 6.3-inch infinity screen is excellent for web browsing or games and S mouth more for more natural benefits.

make the save sub and break the puzzles with your friends or save it on your phone when the screen is turned off without waking up the phone.

8 is IP68 device, then under the hood there is a powerful octacore processor and 6GB of smash yet.

the Android operating system offers many of the usual apps, and Samsung adds a lot of features of it, including s health.

galaxy note 8 years old, with two 12-megapixel camera behind and to the advancement of the system make you a 2x optical magnification, phase detect auto interested and 4K video recording, that other features of article 8 to the iris, was charged murderer scan, 64 GB of memory and 8 megapixel front camera with a couple of video cameras for class.

  • Launched: 22/08/2017
  • Height: 163mm
  • Width: 75mm
  • Depth: 9mm
  • Internal Memory: 64MB
  • Screen Size: 6.3 inches
  • Screen Resolution: 1440px by 2960px
  • Camera: 1.00 megapixel